April 20, 2005

Who you is?

Tired of checking out the ten most recently updated blogs on Blogger, only to find that just two or three are actually written by humans and are about anything beside penis-enlargement, porn or weigh-loss through magical pills? Me, too. Blogger's fighting it. Happy about that? Me, too.


broomhilda said...

Doing the happy dance whilst throwing those penis enlargement pills in the air, stomping on the weight-loss pills and watching porn.

Pragmatik said...


Stasyna said...

Finally. Some of the blogs on those lengthly lists aren't too bad actually.

I've found a few good reads, once upon a time.

Scott said...

Not what I was searching for, but none the less and interesting blog here. Thanks for putting it up. I've enjoyed reading alot of the text here. I got you bookmarked for the future, I'll be back.

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