April 09, 2005

Bandwagon from space.

Cause I know you wanna know where I live. (Click to enlarge the photo.) It seems that everyone is posting the image of where they live from space from Google's newest gear. So I will, too, lest I be a web-wall-flower, too, like I tend to be in real life. Real life. That's what this is a photo of. It is, after all, where I sleep and poop. Thing is, the red arrow points across the street from the little lane of tiny apartment buildings where I live. The yellow box is where I actually am when I am typing this. My little home. Green around here, huh?


Nanzy said...

Really cool. It's so green where you are!

Stasyna said...


Unforunately where I live (one of the biggest cities in Canada) they don't have a 'zoomed' picture of my area.

Alas, thanks for pointing this out, I was unaware they introduced Satellite/GPS imaging yet.