April 27, 2005

Shaved horizon.

I have photos of myself during my first year of college with shoulder-length auburn hair. No kidding. I suppose it was some kind of rebellion. In my Catholic high school, we could not have long hair. No earrings. No facial hair at all. We were supposedly being preparing for the "business world" in which ponytails and beards are totally unacceptable. Still, those of us who could actually grow a nice looking beard were still required to be clean-shaven at all times. They messured our damned sideburns, for poopy sake. Etc. You get the picture. (No, I'm not posting photos of me in long hair. They're in Baltimore, anyway, so I can't exactly scan them for posting purposes. Oh darn.) Anyway, I was walking to the car last week one day, and my hair was stuck to my forehead in the 80-degree weather. My locks have been growing since June, with nothing to stop my expanding mop. I'm 25, and I know people younger than I am who are less lucky than I am in the hairline department. I thought I should appreciate having my hair while it's around. Nonetheless last week, I took out my nice chrome razor-thingy and went to work on my head. Nicely shaved and fuzzy. Very comfortable. Of course, a cold-front came through two days later. But I usually have long hair in the summer and a shorn head in the winter. At least I did it correctly this year. Summers in extreme Southern Illinois are nothing if not beastly (though not as bad as Gary has it in Houston). No to mention the shower-time reduction. And that's always a plus for someone who usually takes two showers a day. Like me, for instance.


Lorianne said...

Damn. You're about 3 razor settings away from Zen monkdom.

Pragmatik said...

It's two:) I did the monk-do for when I went to Houston one summer in July -- smart move, it turned out. Though totally futile!