April 04, 2005

Beer buzzed blandness.

I know. The template is horrible. It's a modified version of a very generic template. But I needed to get rid of the black. It's too nice and sunny around here now for that darkness. Hell, it's in the mid-70s. But I'm a little too...loose now to really mess with concocting a better template. Sam Adams Boston Ale (not the usual Lager) is a very nice treat today. I got up at 5:30 in the morning, to see my parents off before their long trip back to Maryland, and being awake before dawn like that it is not like me. If I see dawn, it's always before bed, with the growing trouble sleeping I've been experiencing lately. I was actually falling asleep trying to work. That's tired, man. And the beer doesn't help, I know. Anyway, maybe Wednesday, when I am hiding in the room where the computer is while my wife has her little women's group over, I'll come up with something better. Maybe then. We'll see.

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