April 06, 2005

Leaving my mark.

People really like to leave their marks at Giant City State Park, from Civil War soldiers to rednecks, tourists and bored frat boys. While I am not brave enough, stupid enough, callous enough or strong enough to carve my name into the rocks of the Giant City, I did leave a mark in the park this weekend on one of the over-looks above the bluffs. To the "Mark Loves Ashley" and "Fuck Bush" tagging, I added my name with a Space Pen, lightly and in shakey capital letters. Honestly, my handwriting is better than that on paper, when my low blood-sugar is not making my hands shake. Promise.

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broomhilda said...

I there a bar in town still called Gatsby's? If so, one of the booths may still have the name Vicky carved into it. Aahhhh, those were the days, drinking vodka, playing backgammon and listening to John Prine and Pure Prairie League, with my friend Kat at 2 p.m.