April 07, 2005

Template props.

I swear that I have never ever seen any blog anywhere on any server etc. that changes its look more than this one does. This time, I was inspired by Gary's Flow. I began with the Blogger Minima template, tweaked the code beyond recognition, and here it is, sans banner image. I like the trim, unsullied look of white for now. For now. You know I'll go nuts on something else before the summer hits. You know it. Expect it.


Lorianne said...

You know, I actually brace myself whenever I click over to Pragmatik, expecting to find the template drastically different.

Okay, I don't *really* do that...but yeah, it *does* look a little like Flow, don't it? :-)

Pragmatik said...

Crap, I was hoping I took inspiration not quite as far as imitation.