April 26, 2005

In praise of NyQuil.

You know, I have been told over and over again that cold medications make being sick worse, since they prolong it. Snot and coughing are the body's ways of getting rid of the cold, I'm told, and I'm getting in the way of my own wellness by taking medicine. Right. I have tested this crappy hypothesis and decided it's just wrong. NyQuil helps you sleep when being sick, snotting all over yourself and coughing up stuff would otherwise keep you awake. That much is true. And sometimes a nice 8 1/2 or 9 hour sleep session is exactly what you need. I think the drug helps in this case. Then again, I'm no doctor or nurse or scientist or anyone else who would know what he or she is talking about. That saying on the advertisement where the voice-over says that you will wake up "refreshed" is not quite true, though. I've been in a fog all day from that deep NyQuil sleep, with no drugs taken at all since last night. Still, the fog was not heavy enough to escape the coffee net, which is finely-woven and catches all but the heaviest blues. The coffee net took the fog outside and gave it to the cloudy day, leaving me to get plenty of work done. So when the day is done, I'm praising coffee, not a thick red sleep-drug.


Nanzy said...

I think the world would be a much harsher place without Nyquil.

Pragmatik said...

Amen, sister;)

Neighbor Girl said...

I envy you, NyQuil makes me hyper, but then Benedryl makes me itch and Sudafed makes me talk nonstop. When I'm sick I take a nice tall shot of whiskey and hit the sack.