April 11, 2005

Russian Space Pen, a gag.

This is extremely funny, though incorrect, along with the rumor that NASA paid for the development of the Fisher Space Pen and the rumor that the Russians – being more pragmatik – than the Americans, simply used pencils in space rather than spending millions of dollars trying to develop a pen that could write in space. I think the implication is that we were not far enough ahead of the Russians because of things like spending money on a pen that could write upside down. Mr. Fisher spent his own money on developing the Space Pen, and NASA never asked for it. He is a neat guy who likes to tinker with things, and that’s it. Same goes with the rumor about Russian space pencils. It’s simply not true. The Russians use Space Pens in space just like we do. The metal graphite in pencils poses a threat to equipment, and the Russians know that as well as we do. Now you know. But still, those space pencils are really funny.


broomhilda said...

Awww crap, and I so wanted to get one of those space pencils. Rofl!

Pragmatik said...