January 24, 2006

G2 mini.

I know, word about these is all over. But for anyone who doesn't read Moleskinerie enough (and why not?!), the new Pilot G2 Minis I was talking about this summer are here. Gary found them at Staples. And apparently, they've had them for quite some time at Jet Pens, in blue, black and red -- with good US shipping rates -- cheap!.Not to mention from Cult Pens in the UK.


Lorianne said...

And I'm a doofus. That comment should be on your "men & women" post (duh...)

Lorianne said...

This reminds me of the old joke about a guy who rubs a magic lantern & gets 3 wishes.

First wish: tons of money. He no sooner articulates his wish than a convoy of armored trucks pull up, each laden with moolah.

Second wish: a hot race car. Again, the wish is instantly granted: poof! There the car of his dreams is sitting right next to him.

Third wish: a bridge to Hawaii. It seems this guy lives in California but is too afraid of planes to zip over to the islands.

The genie explains that magic notwithstanding, building a bridge to Hawaii is impossible. The laws of physics simply can't be broken.

"So," the genie explains, "make another wish instead."

The man pauses, scratches his head, and finally replies, "Okay, I guess I'd like to understand women."

And the genie replies, "So, how many lanes would you like on that bridge to Hawaii?"