January 30, 2006

Not cold enough.

So I must be crazy. We either walk or bike everywhere we go, and I am pissed that it's not"cold enough" for winter. We sold our car at the start of winter (December 1st!), and the dude at the dealership thought we were nuts. We sorta told him we were moving sooner than we are. Didn't want the nice guy to think we were trying to pull a fast one on him. "Yes, we're dropping a lot of money doing this. No, the car has never been in an accident. No, we don't owe any drug money. We are not trying to screw you over, nice man." Etc. But I think the dealership homey was crazy. It seldom gets very cold in Southern Illinois. Of course, this is only my third winter here, but I checked the almanac, and things are pretty normal. One of the things I got excited about when we moved to Boston was the idea of a long and cold winter. The first one was not so great. But the second winter (three years ago) was cold, snowy, and long. Perfect for me. People told me I was nuts, and I will admit that I was glad to see spring come that year (in May). Yes. Okay. But I don't think it follows from these or any other guidelines for human sanity that I am crazy for wishing it would get colder here, damn it. Thank you.


Nancy said...

What's with that photo? It looks just like a little German village. Where did you find it? Or did you craft it with your own two hands?

Pragmatik said...

It's from a train garden I go to every year in Baltimore, with a replica of the Bremen Seltzer Tower:)

(Hope I spelled that correctly.)

Anonymous said...

You must not have been here in Carbondale for the -15 degree weather two Christmas' ago!

In any case, even if you're right, what we're experiencing right now is extremely atypical. I hope we get punished for it come February or at least some time before "spring".

We need a good snow storm again, as I'm sure you'll agree. (Again, I'm thinking of just over two years ago when the wicked cold came -- and the snow too. Overall, we had close to a couple of feet within just a day or so. Remember?!!)

Pragmatik said...

Was that right before Christmas last year? I was in Baltimore during that gem of a storm:)

This January is certainly warm, even for Southern Illinois. But even the "cold" ones leave me wanting:)

Anonymous said...

I'm referring to mid/late December 2004.

By the way, I can't stand the fucking summers here.

Pragmatik said...

Here here! I plan to prove whether or not there is a God this year (or at least, if he cares about me):

Do I get to move before the beastly summer sets in? If God, yes:)

Bowman said...

Hopefully, I will be able to be up there for your move so I can say I at least have been to Illinois