January 22, 2006


Happy Birthday to my wonderful wife, who turned 25 yesterday. Until she starts lying about, and it is then perpetually her 29th. Not that she would ever lie about that. But she kicks ass, so she'd be allowed to lie all she wants. (Not that she will need to.) Etc.


Lorianne said...

Happy b-day, Mrs. Pragmatik! Damn, you two are just kids... :-)

Sal said...

mmmmmm scones and cream

that IS cream there, yeah? big thick dense stuff like english clotted or aussie king island.

anyhoo: happy birthday to m(r)s pragmatik!!

Pragmatik said...

Rich ice-cream, Sal. Good cake, though, from a bakery in Baltimore that makes famous cookies whose icing melt your soul -- same icing on the cake:)

mmmmmmmmmmmm, I miss Baltimore already:)

Bowman said...

Tell Frankie I said, "Happy Be-lated Birthday".

Pragmatik said...

Will do, Mr. Bowman:)