July 12, 2005

Pilot G2.

You know, I spend too much time, energy, thought and money on pens and pencils. I've literally stayed up at night thinking about them. Woken up from dreams about them. Spaced out while driving thinking about them. I generally try to keep that off of this blog because, well, no one likes people to think they're crazy. I've failed to be silent about it in the past, and I fear that the present is no exception. For no reason, really, I picked up my stash of Pilot G2s today. Well, there was a reason. Using a wooden pencil to take notes in the margins of my LOA Thoreau books we getting on my nerves, regardless of my love for cedar pencils. The G2 pencils are the best mechanical pencils I've ever personally used, and they always lead me back to what I love about G2s. Too many greater minds and superior writers have written about the glories of the G2 online for me to really have the need or the desire to insert my own two cents into the search results via Google, for the like-minded folks who might want to know who uses G2s, and what they do with them. The never-ending rain slowed down for a bit early this afternoon, so I popped out to get a pack of the new G2 colors, mostly just to get the dark red to write with in the autumn, which seems like forever away. We don't have the blue/black in the US, I've been told. Dang. Not only that, but we don't get the new G2 Pixie/XS anytime that I can find out (if you know, please tell me). I had hoped to see them in the US early this year, but Pilot must not like us very much in the states. The only place I can find that will sell these online that looks reputable enough to buy from won't ship outside of the UK. Double dang. It's no secret that an alarmingly high percentage of Moleskiners have a thing for G2s. A little crush. So it's not like I'm being original. I don't know why I felt like I had to ramble on about this today. Isn't posting about useless stuff just to post something akin to a deadly sin of blogging? And isn't it also a Thoreavian's sin to put down a wooden pencil on Thoreau's birthday? (Let alone being obsessed with stupid pens on Henry's birthday.) Goodness. I need to read some Thoreau and Hemingway tonight to convince myself that I'm more than the pens and pencils I own, though that amount is considerable and daunting.

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Pragmatik said...

Received an email from Cultpens.com. They followed a referring link and emailed to let me know that they do indeed ship worldwide now!

(quoted with permission)

Hi Johnny,

Just seen your blog on G2's, along with a link to ourselves. You
mentioned that the only reputable-looking place to buy in the UK doesn't
ship to the US. If you were referring to us then you'll be pleased to
hear that we have always shipped to the US on request, as many happy
customers for Pilot G-Tec-C4's will testify, and have recently added
worldwide shipping to our site.
If you weren't referring to us then you'll be pleased to hear that we
are indeed reputable! Pilot Pen UK recommend us to customers searching
for elusive Pilot pens, pencils and their refills.

Hope we can help you out with your perfectly-understandable G2 obsession :)

simon walker


Naturally we also do the extended G2 colour range, including blue-black;
the extra-fine G2 05; the new G2 10 Broad, plus 05 and 07 G2 refills.
We always aim to be definitive :) I believe there's a good number of
Moleskinners (which can't be the correct term for Moleskine users, but
what the hey) who like the Pilot G-Tec-C4 because it writes so small -

Many thanks to Simon for the information!