January 17, 2006

Li'l Edgar.

There is a shop on the Avenue in Hampden called Hometown Girl that sells Baltimore related gear. Much of this gear is Edgar Allan Poe gear. As if the name of our football team doesn't give it away, Baltimore claims Poe, regardless of his time in Virginia or his birth in Boston. So this makes sense. They also sell a lot of Rosie the Riveter gear, which my wife loves. She has a bobble head that my youngest brother got her last year. Hearing a rumor that I was drooling over them when I was home for Thanksgiving, the same brother hooked me up with the Poe bobble head and this cool little Li'l Edgar man. complete with comic. Well, it rocks so hard (almost as much as my brother), I thought I'd share the link to the flash version of the comic, available online and for free. Here it is.

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