January 25, 2006

Men and women.

Stephen's comment makes me wonder why there is no science of the sexes? My wife does work in gender studies, and I know there is a new thing going on that is more or less the male version of feminism but isn't just dudes in an alley beating the shit out of each other -- or so I've been told. But I mean a science. Forget Mars and deep-sea exploring. They don't make our daily lives easier. At least not yet. But if those of us of the male persuasion understood those of the female persuasion (and vice versa of cource, lest I get labeled as sexist), think of how much easier life would be? How much better -- how much more time we might have to explore Mars and the murky deep if we didn't have to spend days a month trying to figure out our significant other or how to get one or why we don't want one. In the Bigoted States of America at least, there are myriad reasons that homosexuals have a tough time, so much so that I feel guilty for being of the other orientation, the same as those damned bible-fuckers. But at least you nice folks are lucky enough to not have the darkness of the opposite sex to muck with. Of course, even in same-sex relationships, there are certainly problems. It's not like women all understand one another or like I have a clue about my guy friends sometimes. So maybe we need a science of other people. But damn, that might take a while. I'll quit philosophy for it, though.


Anonymous said...

isn't it called psychology?

Pragmatik said...

No. Psychology is the study of the HUMAN mind or HUMAN behavior (depending who you ask), i.e., ALL people. I want a science of OTHER people, which is not ALL people, not including ME.

Unless I don't get counted in the human race, which is totally news to me.

neighbor girl said...

Do you think the confusion results from over-analysis?

Do we act in ways that need to be interpreted or do we interpret the ways in which we act to make gender relations more confusing?

Does it stem from our fear to say/do what we mean or do we say/do what we mean and it's misunderstood?

Gender relationships and the human psyche... the under-explored science.

Anonymous said...

Regardless, the resources you request are available through psychology. Perhaps you are just wanting to be difficult.

Pragmatik said...

Yes, I want to be difficult. It's fun not understanding people. Psychology has all the resources I need, yes, you are right. But psychology is the not the mythical "science of other people" I was joking about. Joking, yes, not "wanting to be difficult." I'm not doing that.

Pragmatik said...

See, I was joking, especially about psychology having all the answers.