January 09, 2006

Bye bye.

So my father's step-mother died yesterday. If you knew the story of my father's screwed up childhood (way worse woman than the chick in Cinderella), then you would understand why this is more of a cause of inconvenience than sorrow. Or maybe I'm cold hearted or some such. But I'm not alone in not being especially sad. Hell, I won't talk about some people's reactions to the news, which were far from what you'd expect on hearing that a family member died. But my father is upset because his father is heartbroken. Though a complete bitch, she was his best friend. Being also married to my best friend, I can at least imagine part of his sadness. And it hurts me to see my father upset. However, I can't decide if it's sadness over seeing his own father so distraught (which I feel a little, too -- after all, he's my grandfather) or something akin to the end of Frankenstein, in which the monster weeps over his fallen creator, even though the two were enemies.

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