January 27, 2006

Photo Friday: Vanity.

I don't really like to take photos of myself, much less put them on the net. But here is me, without a beard, lit by a red lamp. Summer 2004. Bored as hell, and hiding from the heat in the AC. No, I don't live in a brothel. For Photo Friday: Vanity.


Bowman said...

I almost said "Holy Sh*t" when I saw you without a beard. Little did I know the picture was only taken a few years ago--rats! I like the flickr setup on the side of your blog! Pretty Cool!

Anonymous said...

john, you look so much better without that beard. much more professional as well. Stay beardless your cuz,


Nancy said...

You look very handsome in this photo. That's the opinion of a true lesbian in Berlin.

Pragmatik said...

Vielen Dank!