August 23, 2005

Sorry I'm so lazy.

The start of the semester is always busy, whether in a good way or in a bad way. For me, it's busy in a good way so far this year, that is, since yesterday. A lighter schedule and a dissertation prospectus to work on, getting more exercise and getting to read more of what relates to my dissertation topic. Life is good this week. No more exams for a while and the promise of cooler weather in about a month. It is strange to see the new students coming to the university this week, though, especially yesterday. It's been eight years, but I remember the feeling of getting to a new and bigger school and of not knowing anyone but assuming that everyone else knows one another already through some esoteric meetings that we shy kids didn't know anything about. I think that I can pick out the little dudes who don't know anyone yet out of a crowd of people who are all walking alone to class, just by the look of sadness and fear on their faces. Little do the little dudes know that they will have more friends than they can ever keep in touch with by the end of the first month of classes. They'll come out of their shells, fall in and out of love, make friends in the faculty and not want to leave when graduate looms yonder. Poor little dudes. I wish I could tell them, but I don't think that they would believe me. That, and I am probably more shy than they are.

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