August 14, 2005

Blog Bowman.

This is my cousin (or, rather, future cousin-in-law) and very good friend Kevin, who has just started a blog called Blog Bowman (cuz that's his name, Bowman). When he's not getting his rear handed to him (!) playing Call of Duty with yours truly or working on his degree in computer technology, he hustles people at the pool hall in Harford County, Maryland. Ok, he says he's not hustling them, but you know. That's still funny. He takes all their money and makes them cry in front of their girlfriends. The way I figure it, he needs his impressive computing skills, his dangerous pool skills, and a blog to take over the world. Now he has all three, so look out. Remember who your friends are when you are wrecking souls, Kevin. Who loves you? Make sure to bookmark Blog Bowman, for all your present and future hustling needs, and for orders when the end comes.

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