August 27, 2005

Cameras, boredom and boogies.

So I just haven't really felt like taking a lot of photos lately. The kiddies and little dudes are all back on campus now, and the people watching is the best it's been since April. I've spent a lot of time in Starbucks this week enthralled. Still, no photos. I don't think that my camera has set it's lense on campus since July. But, you see, my old Canon Powershot A60 is just not that fun to play with anymore. A few times this month, high humidity has made the screen flicker, and the photos I took at the department picnic last weekend look terrible, since the temperature without the humidity was above the "operationg temperature" for the camera. I know, it's my fault for whipping it out in a sauna like that, but it's never been bothered by it before. I can't count how many times I dropped that camera or got parts of it wet and got who-knows-what under the screen. Hell, I almost dropped it into the Mississippi River once, and still got it a little wet from the splashing Mahtay Mississipp'. I can't really complain about the durability. When my family and wife asked what I wanted for my birthday next week, I said that I would like everyone to chip in and get me a new camera. Because either I rock or they rock (come on, it's me who does it like that), that's just what is happened. So my new camera is coming Monday from Dell. The faster memory card is right behind it. And the mini tripod and case later in the week. At first I automatically decided on the Powershot A95, since it's an evolved A60. But I think that moveable screen is going to drive me nuts. Plus, that thing is heavy and is a year old. I changed my mind when I held the Powershot A520 at the store around here. It's smaller and lighter and newer and comes with better software. It does not have as many megapixels as the former (four, rather than five), but I have literally never ever ever printed a photo of mine. The bigger the file, the worse off I'll be. Truly, the A510 (3.2 MP) would be fine, but the sale at Dell made the price difference only twelve dollars, and I like the color of the 520 better. I know, that brings up why I don't just keep my current camera. Come on, everyone likes new toys. And I am going to start being a birthday brat tonight, and continue until after Tuesday. I really hate secure digital cards, but I found the SanDisk Ultra II that promises to be fast. Canon is fazing out Compact Flash, the memory type I like (hey, they are big, but they are fast). Time for me to get with it. And all that. So there you go. That's why I haven't been making other people's lives more awesome lately with photos and goodies and etc. But that will change soon. I'm always strangely sober on my birthday.

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