August 03, 2005

Minor frying of the brain.

I got up at 7:30 today (yeah, that's early for me) and got right to work on the paper for my summer research project on Thoreau's pragmatism and Scheler's sacrifice and then studied for my prelims. It's been an all day/night adventure. I'm convinced that I've fried my brain like a wok full of snowpeas. I swear that my head is even hot to the touch, regardless of only sporting 1/8 of an inch of hair this summer. The brain can barely get my chubby little fingers to type, so I'm sorry you don't get a photo tonight. I'll get some to you, dudes, honest.


Brian Manning said...

Just wanted to tell ya to hang in there; Carrie & I are rooting for you!

Pragmatik said...

Thanks, B! It's good to hear from you:)