August 31, 2005

Blog Day.

So, I think that Blog Day is a really good idea and that good will come of it. But I am not really sure that I know about a lot of blogs that everyone who reads this does not also know about. But you know, I's gots a few, so I won't be stingy. Here are my five, in no particular order, just in the order they came off of my FireFox bookmarks when I looked for them. Timberlines -- Pencil royalty. This is a very new but also very well-done blog by a nice guy whose living is making pencils. What more could you ask for? He's also gotten himself some nice Moleskines recently and a hidden talent for drawing, so I know we're in for some treats. Front Porch Living -- Deliciously impish blog by Neighbor Girl who is from my hometown, of all places. If you don't get the title at first, watch a nice John Waters movie and notice how everyone in Baltimore likes to sit on their porch or steps or stoop. The newest post is called "At least I'm rockin the cleavage," so you know you're in for some good reading. That Shadow My Likeness -- Alcarwen kicks ass because she is also from Maryland and because we went to the same college that I did, though I can't say that we ever met. Her boyfriend does look familiar, though. Good graduate student blogs are really hard to come by, and this one definitely qualifies. Slimbolala -- Great stories and drawings, and a nice guy who, luckily, got out of New Orleans before Katrina hit. Been a steady reader for a full month or two now. Criminently, Nutsey! -- The brain behind Notes to Netflix. And a pencil fan, to boot.


Stasyna said...

Interesting blogs!

neighbor girl said...

Thanks John, I feel like a celebrity! smooches!