August 16, 2005

Prelims update.

Not sure I killed the metaphysics and epistemology section yesterday, but I certainly kicked it down and made it cry. I did forget some details about Aristotle's Unmoved Mover (stupid mistake), but I doubt they'll fail me for that. I got that sumbitch finished first and ran away from the room. I also finished with my sanity moderately intact, which is always a good thing I guess. Oh yeah. They're nice, but don't take an exam with a Flair. Even if what you're writing has to be copied so that you can't use a pencil. Eighteen pages with that, and your hands are black. While it comes right off the paper (!), it won't come right off your hands, no matter how much afternoon beer you drink or how much you yell at it. I tried. Tomorrow's exam is on ethics, political gear and aesthetics, the latter two being some of my weak points. So doing some more prelims kicking again will depend on what kinds of questions they throw out. Until I get that paper, it's still not clear if I will be able to kick that thing while it's down or if it will pull me down and eat my leg. I hope the former. I'm too tired to study anymore, and I am, as it were, incredibly attached to my leg. Both of them.

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Stasyna said...

You should be confident, you're well versed in philosophical detail(s).