August 26, 2005

Photo Friday: Chaos.

Punks In Car Window. For this week's Photo Friday challenge, Chaos.
This is a photo of my two brothers that I took in the reflection of Tom's Focus while I was in Baltimore for the holidays in December 2003. In fact, I think that's Christmas. Why chaos? Come on. They look like punks, especially with that spray paint behind them on the wall. They look like they are getting ready to steal my new camera that I had just gotten that day. Or my kidneys. Even in their p.j.'s. Especially in their p.j.'s.


Lorianne said...

I can see these acorns didn't fall far from the tree. *Great* shot...I love the off-kilter angle (and the pjs rock).

Bowman said...

Are those thugs from Hamden, Baltimore? If so, watch out world these thugs are on the loose and are looking to leach onto others' souls for survival! Nice Picture!!

Pragmatik said...

Thanks, Bow Bow. I'm telling Baby Joe that you called him a soul parasite, though. lol
No, I'm not.

neighbor girl said...

Those red pj pants are the bomb!