September 06, 2005

You so crazaay!

So, I can read your mind again. Because I can. It's a nice talent, believe me. You're thinking: "Didn't this dude get a new digital camera for his birthday last week? Where are the new photos?" Yeah, see, I had to return my camera twice. To Dell, who I love. Seems that they decided that throwing the camera box into a box large enough to hold three such camera boxes would keep it safe during the trip to my apartment. This arrangement didn't work. Each camera arrived with dirt under the screen. And I went to my local OfficeMax to see if theirs had it, too, before I sent the second one back. It didn't. None of them did. So we bought one there. Don't get me wrong. I still love Dell. They did overnight the replacement to me to make it right, and they wanted to pay for that one's return shipping, too. I won't hold this against Dell. But I sure as hell will not buy a camera over the internet to save $50 on it again. Never, even if it's a gift. I pretty much ruined my Christmas shopping this past year by ordering too many things online. My wife's gifts were late because some idiot in the shipping department where I ordered her gifts from sent them to Illinois, while I was in Maryland, even though the invoice said to ship them to Maryland, and they knew I was right and that they made a mistake and hunted the box down at my door in Illinois and got it to me in Maryland in 18 hours, but it was too late, etc. Being able to get cool things you can't find because you live in Southern Illinois is great. But internet shopping gets to really be a pain in the ass. Hell, the mini-tripod to go with my camera arrived looking like it was run over by a truck -- literally, the metal was ground. So I had to send that back, too. Damn it. I know, poor me. I have a nice new camera with a super-fast and pretty large memory card. I should be thankful, not bitching. I am. Getting there. So where are the photos with the new camera? I'll get around to it, promise. I've just been too afraid to touch my pristine camera lately. I'll get over it. And no more photos of my nasty toes, honest. And none of my butt, either.

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