June 27, 2005

No more toenail.

My wife begged me not to subject the internet public to images of my toenail after my little spill a few weeks ago, specifically before it totally came off. I could pull it all the way back, etc. Yeah, it was gross. Especially when I went camping and kept getting pebbles under it. That's up there with getting sand stuck in the little undies of men's swimming trunks. Seriously. Sorry, Mrs., but I can't resist. The first is what I would do with toenail right before I cut the whole thing off. This is the least gross photo, honest. The second is what it looks like now, with no nail at all. I was considering painting my toenails this summer. I wear socks and shoes rarely enough that it would be worth the trouble. When I was 15, I had them all painted a different color. The summer camp I worked at included an art program. So when the kiddies all made dough dogs and rings and cars, the art teacher made me a foot with multi-colored toes. Very sweet.


Neighbor Girl said...

Yuck John, that's ewwwww-ey in a compelling sort of way. You are a gross boy, with cooties, and I'm not coming anywhere near you on the playground.

Pragmatik said...

Like a car crash:)