September 05, 2005

The Constant Gardener.

Well, I know what you're thinking: "Johnny rarely blogs on weekends, and it's a holiday in the US. That lazy Johnny is surely not doing anything on Labor Day!" So, yeah, you'd be correct. I'm going to the market, and then I'm going to read and lounge all day. And night. So you'd get a cookie. At this point, Johnny gets defensive and says, "What the hell are you doing reading blogs on Labor Day?" You get angry with Johnny for his gumption. But you have no answer, other than that you are bored. "Cookouts get old, and I don't want to drink today, since I have to go back to my boring job tomorrow. I'm bored, so I'm reading blogs, especially the most kick-ass of blogs. I just finished reading that one about pencils," you say to Johnny. Johnny says that he feels for you. Take away work, and most of us don't know what do to with ourselves. Well, I should say yourselves, since Johnny is a master of relaxing. So you're bored. Since you're bored, go see The Constant Gardener, not that you have to be bored to enjoy it or that you will be bored watching it. I didn't read the book (never heard of it). I didn't know anything about the movie, other than that it is set in Africa and stars a very sad Ralph Fiennes. That's more than you need to know. I'm not going to tell you what it's about or hint at the ending. That would ruin it. But trust your lovable blogging philosopher, and go check out the film. And tell me what you think of it.

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