September 26, 2005

Spiders in the house.

Well, outside, really. I spotted this frighteningly large fella outside of my apartment this afternoon. I ran away from it like a sissy though. I mean, no I didn't. That's a joke. I'm not scared of spiders. I splattered one the other day, all over the hallway wall. Splattered. Yeah, them's no scaring me. I've blogged about the scary spiders that live outside the front of my apartment before. See, two sets of photos. I ain't afraid I tell ya. Really, though, I leave them alone, and I love them, since they keep me just a tad more bug-bite free. Nice little creepy things.


Alcarwen said...

is that spider as frightenly large as it looks in the photo?!

Pragmatik said...

That damned thing was a good two inches across, and I swear it had a tattoo!

chris said...

You get a ton of the eight legged crawlies around there