September 16, 2005

Photo Friday: Divine.

Photo Friday, Divine. So my relationship with the Catholic church and the faith that I usually ignore is now a long one, and a strange one. If you are a long-time reader, you know how I almost went into the seminary once when I went to a shindig with the Cardinal and that I went militant atheist for a while (like most philosophy majors) but then cooled down into a mild Transcendentalist who never goes outside. I mean, I don't read the Good Book for solice, but I can read St. Augustine and find some very useful things. Nice way to be. We went to see The Exorcism of Emily Rose last weekend. I think Tom Wilkinson is awesome ("I'm the money."). It even has Laura Linney, who played The One on "Frasier" before NBC yanked it -- a year too soon, if you ask me. Now, this is a movie that is definitely worth seeing, if you like thrillers or if you like movies that are decidedly Catholic (like Constantine or Dogma). So I will try not to give anything away. There is an element in the film where Linney's character is walking outside in the snow and finds a locket on a chain. The locket has her initials. She talks to the priest and tells him, and they agree that this cannot be a coincidence, or it can be. She can look at it either way. She takes it as a sign that she's on "the right path." Well, we leave the theatre, get some caffeine in the adjoining mall, etc. and head back to the car. What do I find on the ground in my way but a wooden cross on a string. I'm not in the habit of pocketing what I find on the ground, but I did this time. It was too...weird not to. I've been avoiding thinking about what this could mean, if anything. Calling me back to Catholicism, even though I really have issues with their more politically-oriented teachings (birth-control, gay marriage, priests marrying)? Telling me I'm Okay going the way I'm going? Warning me that the Mrs. will leave me and render me fit for the priesthood? I know it's the coward's way out, but I really don't want to think about it right now.


Anonymous said...

It doesn't mean a thing.

Alcarwen said...

You know, my archnemesis here at my university has an interesting view of what the cross means... he claims that it represents on the vertical the tie of man to the divine and on the horizontal, the tie to man with the earth and fellow men.

if you were a puritan, you would claim that the finding of the cross meant you were one of the elect. ;-)

seeing as you are what you are, i'd take it to be no more than a thought provoking symbol that chanced across your path.

but then, do you believe in chance? ;-)

Hans said...

Welch ein Symbolwert - das Kreuz und ein welkes Blatt auf grauem Asphalt!

Bowman said...

I believe things happen for a reason. Maybe the cross was not meant for you to reconsider catholism but consider faith. I'm not for the catholic religion myself because they are not open-minded like you mention: birth-control, gay marriage, priests marrying, getting forgiveness from the priest, and tell the priest why one wants to get a divorce. (I added a few myself) So, maybe it's a sign to just "believe" is all I am saying.

Stasyna said...

I love the contrast in colour!

I'm tempted to get in on the religious talk, but I already know where that conversation will go ;)