April 09, 2004


The spiders are back! The big, hairy spiders that line the walk-way outside of my apartment are back now at night. If you walk out and look up, you can see seven to ten webs that range in size from 10-20 inches in diameter, each with their own spider that measures from 1-2 inches across. On the bright side, they are harmless. They never try to come inside or leave their webs. (I even had trouble photographing them. They all kept drawing their legs up into their abdomens when I would approach. I snuck up on one, and this was the only really viable photo I was able to get.) I even see plenty of mosquitoes in their webs, a few less bugs that will bite my sandal-clad feet during the 20 second walk from the Focus to the apartment door. If the blossoms, greens, birdsongs and fragrances weren't enough to convince me that spring has finally arrived and that the warm weather is here to stay, my arachnid friends who guard my door will do the trick.


Anonymous said...

Michael Nobbs

Why don'y they try to come inside I wonder? Mine don't seem too fussed about going outside (sadly). What's your secret?

Pragmatik said...

I think they stay outside because they are either too scared or too hungry to leave their webs. For being so big, they run are fraidy-cats. They ball up in the siding all day. And they're too big to fit under the door:)

What is worse is that everyone around here has a myriad of spiders inside. Lots of people that I know have the dreaded Brown Recluse, whose venom contains a neurotoxin. They hide in your clothes or shoes. Our place is new, and I haven't found any yet, though any brown spider of that size gets examined under a magnifying glass, to be sure.