May 20, 2005

Photo Friday: Green.

One perk of being on the East Coast now is that I have a better chance of being awake for the Photo Friday challenge. Here is my entry for this week's challenge, Green. It is a photo of three sets of Teva-ed feet: my mother's, my wife's and my own (sporting the bandage over my latest minor injury). Mmm, you can smell that Teva rubber, fresh grass and those stinky feet, can't you? Please, oh please don't tell the ladies I said that.


Gary said...

Well...technically "feet" could just mean YOUR you're off the hook J-man! Shot looks like the one I took of me 'n the kids:

Pragmatik said...

True, my stinky stompers could over-power lady-feet anyday:)

Lorianne said...

Cute interpretation of "green"...and I love the big ol' bandage! (Yep, you could benefit from switching to Keens with their massize toe guard!)

Pragmatik said...

My wife just bought a pair of those. I like them well enough, but my pigs (as my father would call them) need more air!

I just picked up a sweet new pair of Tevas at REI this week. I'd hate to get religious or romantic about shoes, but I loves me some Tevas, I do. :^P