May 06, 2005

Photo Friday: Action.

Photo Friday: Action. Sorry it's late this week. Busy day. Too much action. Har dee har har. No, dat ain't me.


Stasyna said...

Reminds me of a Marilyn Mansion music video.

He used to love to blur things, and screw with time.

Pragmatik said...

Dude, I love M.M. He's still blurring things, if not in videos, definitely image-wise:)

He had a "greatest hits" or "best of" disc out this fall that came with a DVD of all the videos (and the banned video to "(S)Aint" if you ordered it via the fanclub). If I had a DVD burner, I'd totally send you a copy. The early videos (like "Lunchbox") are worth the watch, but I really like the ones that go with Golden Age of the Grotesque and Mechanical Animals best.

If you're interested, check the web; there might still be some in print. I don't think you can get the banned video (banned by the label, not any networks) anymore, but I don't think the video disc was a limited time deal or anything like that. It's probably still around.