May 01, 2005

No one reads blogs on weekends.

At least, I think that's true. So I won't feel badly about not posting all weekend and instead getting work done on a Sunday (how unlike me!). And you won't hold it against me. See how lovely we fit together? Less than two weeks left, and only one more paper to write (the short one) and one more to proofread. So you won't hear me complain about the busy-ness of this time of the semester. I hate when people bitch about that. "Oh, man, I have two twenty-page papers to write that I was too busy sitting on my ass to start all damned semester, and no one else has work to do." "M-fer, I hate grading papers for this assistantship that I would really complain about not having if I had to go into debt like Pragmatik did at when he got his MA because they didn't fund MA students where he went to school." Lucky me, I'm "on fellowship" and don't "have to grade papers," and I have never worked for anything in my life and certainly didn't work for this fucking fellowship. They just gave it to me because they liked me. Yeah, that's what happened. It had nothing to do with my GPA, GRE scores, IQ, transcript, recommendations from top dudes or "academic potential." Same with my Master's degree and my undergraduate degree and driver's license and everything else I actually worked for. Sorry you're not as lucky as me, sucka. Don't worry, dude, I'm not talking about you. Ass.


Anonymous said...

Now, I wonder which one of our colleagues you might be speaking about. Hmm. Could it be... just about all of them?

anonymous colleague of Pragmatik

db said...

most people don't read blogs on weekend. that said i try. and there's never anything to read. the end.

Pragmatik said...

No one in our department.
Same building, though.

Pragmatik said...

True. I get blog withdraw sometimes on weekends. Reading withdraw, I mean.