May 09, 2005

Fluvial excursions and why I rock.

In working on my last term paper today, I remembered a passage from Walter Harding's The Days of Henry Thoreau that made me want to get naked and go-a-swimming. He writes that Thoreau "took a boy's delight in swimming in the nude. As he walked through the woods on hot days, he made a ritual of shedding his clothes and bathing in every stream he came to. It then occurred to him it would intensify his pleasure to take his rivers 'endwise,' and so he began 'fluvial excursions,' wading down the rivers clothed only in a hat and occasionally a shirt to protect himself from the sun"(Harding, 296). Okay. Don't worry, SIU students, faculty and staff and Carbondaleys in general. This hairy dude is keeping his clothes on in public. I said I felt like doing it, not that I'd actually go through with it. I can be pretty damned modest sometimes. Yeah, really. In other news of the weird, do you know anyone who can wake up at 10:00 a.m. and write an entire term paper (for which only half of the research is finished) before 10:00 p.m., with a few hours of computer games, eating, television, an afternoon delight (yeah, I said it) and far too much internet procrastinating? Yeah, you do. Guess who. I rock. And I only needed seven cups of coffee and three Cokes to rock that hard. That hard. Well, maybe it's not that big of an accomplishment. I've done that before, with much longer papers. It's just another example of the rockingness of Johnny G. Live for it. You should. This all of course means that, after some early revisions in the morning tomorrow and a trip to the department for a signature and a turn-in, my relationship with the university is on hold for three whole weeks (almost four) until I get back from Baltimore during the first week of June and get rocking out on my summer research and studying for my preliminary doctoral exams. Don't fret, the blogging will not be on a break. I'll be here to annoy you and to remind you why you spared yourself from majoring in philosophy -- without cessation.


Stasyna said...

You know what also rocks? Funk Bass.

Flea from Red Hot Chilli Peppers is godlike at "slappin' dem strings".

By The way, Thoreau is pretty interesting. I remember finding a book containing his writings a few years back, but pretty much brushed it aside. Most of his writings (if not all) are available online - which is amazing!@%@$!^@

Neighbor Girl said...

You're coming to Baltimore?! Is it possible to meet you this time around? I could even sneak out to One World for lunch/brunch with you and your wife, provided that no mention is made that I ever went there.

Also, Dan and I were up at Montebello Lake last night and got the bright idea to prank call you until we realized that neither of us have your phone number.

"John, this is Satan, I want you to..."

Pragmatik said...

I'd have believed that. Satan has my number.
We should get Dan and drink many beers at the Hon Bar. Many beers.

Pragmatik said...

Peter, check out the old 80s hip-hop hit "Bust a Move." Flea plays bass on there. I know you dig the eMule, but eDonkey has the Chili Peppers' discography on there for downloading.

Maitri said...

As a geologist, I have to point out that you created an interesting coincidence by placing the words "fluvial" and "rock" in your title sentence. (I'm a geek like that.)

Upset Mofo Party Plan 4ever!!!!