May 03, 2005

Many things.

First of all, many thanks to Armand for his mention of this here humble blog on Moleskinerie today. And many thanks to the tons of new folks who have stopped by today as a result. I'd offer you some coffee or tea, but the internet has not advanced that far yet. Next time, though. Things are busy around the university these days, as you can imagine. Everyone in the philosophy department and the university situation at large seem much busier than I am, so everything seems to be swirling around me very quickly and blurily. I was happy to get away for a walk to the campus lake today, on a brisk spring day. I shot a ton of photos. Yeah. And that's one of the campus lake. I almost stepped on a duck. I made a red-headed woodpecker flee for the shelter of a maple tree. I trampled some wildflowers. And I scared the bejesus out of a poor painted turtle sunning itself on a submerged treestump. I think I accidently disturbed the whole scene with my clumsiness. Sorry, lake dudes. So, while I'm not going to cross the line and actually endorse downloading un-purchased (i.e., stolen) music via the internet (cuz I never do that -- right), I think you should aquaint yourself with a nice selection of tunes for some crazed-dancing, power-walking, fast-driving, love-making or term-paper-writing. Of, if you're like me, all of the above. Except power-walking. I'm usually shuffling along in flip-flops these days. Or sauntering in Tevas. Never power-walking. Never. I swear. Without further ado, get these songs for yourself to listen to somehow: 1) Simon and Garfunkel: "Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard" 2) Modest Mouse: "Paperthin Walls" 3) Depeche Mode: "The Love Thieves" 4) Kanye West: "We Don't Care" 5) Colin Hay: "Overkill (Acoustic)" 6) Lunik: "Most Beautiful Song" 7) Interpol: "Obstacle 1" 8) The Police: "So Lonely" 9) Melissa Etheridge: "Secret Agent" 10) Jane's Addiction: "Just Because" If you ask me very nicely, I'll email you one or two. Because Gmail rocks like that. That's how it rolls, B. What, you want Gmail? Ask me not-so-nicely, and maybe I'll give you a Gmail invite. Free. You see, you get the sweetest deals on this blog, baby.


Mo said...

throw your hands up in the sky and say
we dont care what people saaaay!

oh, and can i have a gmail account, asshole?

Pragmatik said...

Of course, Mo:) It's on its way.

Pragmatik said...


Neighbor Girl said...

May I please have a gmail invite? *curtsy*