February 24, 2005

René Magritte.

Last year, I commented that some of Nicola's Mirror Project photos looked like Magritte paintings. I liked them a whole lot, and I wanted to try some of my own. In New York this past December, I was sitting in a restaurant with my brother and two cousins and all of their respective significant others and my wife. It was extremely cold outside and refreshingly warm inside, and we found a bright yellow balloon against the ceiling. I got it down and convinced my brother to pose for some shots with it in front of his face, like Magritte in his self-portraits (only I actually took the photos). Here is one, with the crowd cropped out. On the way to our table, I whipped out some Boy Scout skills and quickly tied the balloon to my brother's bag, sending him on a yellow-ballooned mission through a crowded restaurant, like a fish dragging a float. He realized what I did and got a little mad at me for a minute, but it was still funny to behold. Guess you had to be there.

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