February 04, 2005

G-F-in Dammit.

So we took the Mazda into the dealer today to have some shit looked at, from the...incident in the fog three weeks ago (which you should really read about because it's awesome). So we have to shell out a grand (in addition to the initial $300) to fix the fucking thing. That or we can get rid of that car. It's never been as fun as the Focus was, despite its being more sporty and masculine and fast and all that shit. It's too expensive for graduate students, and I sometimes get annoyed when assholes pull up next to us and try to race us like stupid rednecks. (To date, no one has beaten us, since, uh, I won't race anything that I don't think we can beat and that's wimpy and I know and don't really give a shit.) Also, the tire cost for the mileage we put on a car is $800-$1000 annually, since the only tires that fit are expensive and don't last long and etc. and shit. We'll need a new set of tires before the end of summer. So it's crossed our minds that maybe we should ditch this zippy little money pit before things get worse. And we've found a nice new 2005 Focus we like. But I shouldn't jinx it, cuz we didn't get the other one we wanted before we bought the Mazda on a whim.(Don't listen to me, as I'm more than a little drunk and am really typing this more carefully than a person should have to try to do...or something. Excuse me.) Shit, it sounds like I've made buying cars some kind of hobby, which is extra weird to say about someone like me with no fucking money to speak of and only a fancy education and the debt it includes and the pens and pencils all over this room. I mean, someone like me. I hate car shopping. Seriously. Oh, these are pictures of my growing winter beard, per Lorianne's suggestion, because she is awesome, and that's an adjective that I reserve for entities that deserve it. Ask my wife and friends and family how much I love that word. They'll tell you. For real. We want to get rid of the fucking Mazda, But don't cry for the end. I hope it works out, but no matter what, Tonight vodka is my friend. Or something like that. Don't listen to me. I say again. No wonder I don't really write poetry anymore. Although, you have to admit, my spelling and grammar and typing and such are not bad for the amount of the vodka stuff in me tonight. "I will, I will, rock you (clap clap)," I say. Sing along.


Michael said...

Mazda's by my families experience are great cars.

Oh yeah -- and glad to see I'm not the only person who's got the gap in the front teeth. I used to hate it, now I think it's kind of unique.

I think I'll keep it, along with the Mazda's.

vanillasky said...

This entry made me smile! I can almost see you writing it.

I have a Mazda. I drive anything as long as it's blue.

Pragmatik said...

I'm still too inebriated to really respond to anything intelligently, as if that usually happens when I'm my usually caffeinated self.

But I will say that we really do love the Mazda and Mazdas in general. (That RX-8 is dead sexy, and I think our 3-s is sexy in its own way.) But this particular Mazda, for reasons unique to our ownership of it, entails too much drama sometimes. Too much pressure to keep it clean and sporty. Too many people in a town where no one has ever seen one staring. Too many idiot frat boys who want to race me (although that is usally pretty fun in the middle of the U.S. where the roads are long and such).

And all that. I miss slipping by with out-of-state tags in a perty little Focus.

But who knows? We might keep the Mazda after all. I wish this situation would get worked out so I could get some sleep and get some work done.

Pragmatik said...

VIVA LA TOOTH GAPS! When I broke my front tooth in half when I was 20 (long story for another time) and got two of my front teeth capped, I was afraid my gap would be closed, and it did shrink a lot. I can't squirt water through it or give off any high-pitched wind-screeches.

But it's still there, and I like it like that. I'm a pretty ordinary-looking dude, but my polychromatic* eyes and tooth gap are my...thing, meine Sache (as the good old Germans might say).

*[Yes, they really change color. No, I won't prove it.:)]

Neighbor Girl said...

Check out VWs. I'm still driving a VW from 1988, so that must say something, besides the fact that I'm broke. They are some of the cheapest cars to maintain, get great gas milage, and come in some pretty sexy colors now. Plus, Volkswagen had ironed out all of the kinks that gave them a bad rap in the late '90s early '00s.

Lorianne said...

Awesome, eh? Given the amount of vodka in you when you wrote this, I would have thought "fucking awesome" would be the more appropriate phrasing. ;-)

ZM/aka Lorianne

Pragmatik said...

Lorianne, you are correct indeed! :-#

Stasyna said...

Wolfman, v 2.0

Pragmatik said...