September 30, 2004

Time for a new Moleskine.

So I filled up another Moleskine notebook yesterday, the one I started in Baltimore right after the Focus massacre of May 2004. This one has lots of scribblings on using wooden pencils versus gel pens but then how I read my journals all of the time and how I would be afraid to touch them in pencil but also how Pilot G2 ink is messier than a fountain pen. Yes, I told myself, Hemingway used pencils in the notebooks that are allegedly Moleskines, but his only other portable choice in 1920s Paris would have been fountain pens, and not the relatively neat kind we have today. But Pilot's gel ink is archival safe and so black, and their blue is my favorite blue ink ever. Etc. Oh, etc. In truth, I wasted at least a quarter of the book on such pointless musings, and that estimate is mainly and intentionally false. Other than my chubby little 2005 diary (didn't like the new weekly format for 2005), I've also had a large ruled notebook waiting for me on the shelf for some time now. I bought the latter before I left for Baltimore in May at the Barnes and Noble in Carbondale, the only place anywhere near here to get them. I hadn't had one of the large format books before, and I didn't want to start filling it with angry thoughts about the old jerk in the SUV that totalled my car or with ranting about car insurance companies or what cars I was looking to replace the Focus with. And I had just finished my pocket version by pasting the blog posts about the car accident into it. Bigger, baby, but better? I watched The Saint just before leaving for Baltimore, and, envying Thomas Moore's book in the film, I wanted a larger Moleskine in which I would be more...selective in using up pages and in which I would paste more of other people's work that I find inspiring or just worth reading repeatedly. Sort of a journal/commonplace book combo, with a larger diary for pocket-toting notes on the go. Seemed like a good system. Too bad that I used up my pocket notebook before it's time to break out the 2005 chubby diary (I still have my weekly 2004 version). Oh, well, it's not like the large Moleskine is really that large, is it? I'm going to write in it tomorrow, if not tonight. I promise.


vanillasky said...

"The Saint" is one of those films that I love to watch. When it first came out I kept a journal like Elisabeth Shue's character. I used to keep it underneath my armchair!!

Anonymous said...

Are you sure that is a picture of a used Moleskine? It looks a little too pristine.

You should see one of mine when it's finished!


Pragmatik said...

That one is the new one:) It's not that pristine anymore (wink wink)!

Lise said...

Hi Pragmatic, love what you have to say about our beloved Moleskines. I love the 'chubby' day to a page diary for next year. Its more Moleskine for your dollar, beautiful.
See you at Moleskinerie.
Lise :^)