September 03, 2004


I haven't blogged about the other gnomes I received as gifts in the spring, but I will get off my butt and do so now for one that I was given today. Meet Chico (from the Spanish word for "cute," coined by the person who gave it to me). He is from Mexico, and the red hat is supposed to be for "passion." He has a magical crystal in his hand. Maybe he can cast magical passion-spells. He is hand-made. He is less than a inch tall and is standing on a pocket-sized Moleskine. Itty-bitty, he is. He came from the nice hippies who come to our school once a year, for a week in late summer. He was bought for me as the nice hippies were closing shop for the year. The hippies are very nice people. They make the Student Center smell good. And they were the only place to find gnomes this late in the year. Horray for hippies, for tiny gnomes and the nice people who buy them for you!

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vanillasky said...

He is SO cute!