September 09, 2004

I love bats.

Like spiders, bats keep the creepy-crawlies off of me. My grandfather says that I have "sweet meat" -- to explain why bugs seem to seek me out of a crowd for their consumption. Those natural predators (spiders and bats) do what bug sprays usually fail to do: keep me from getting eaten alive. I have an unpleasant story about a canoeing trip at Boy Scout camp in 1994, when I was almost 15, wherein I almost had to be hospitalized because of the high fever I was running and my head's swelling, after being a snack for too many skeeters at the river's edge one night. I was pretty ill for a few days, and the pictures of what my head looked like are more than a little embarrassing. I should start carrying wolf spiders and little bats in my backpack, like Zarathustra traveled with a snake and an eagle.

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Anonymous said...

I love bats too, and I'm a big fan of the Organization for Bat Conservation. There's a lot of cool information on their site, and if you don't have a bat house, I highly recommend one! :)