September 27, 2004


Haven't posted in some time. Sorry. I haven't been busy, but bored, really. You'd think that would be a reason to post more, not less. Oops. It's cooling off in the Heartland, by small degrees (no pun intended). It's cooler at night, so the AC can be off after dinner. I haven't pulled out a sweater yet, and shoes and socks are certainly still a number of weeks off. Too bad, since I have some swell new Converse Allstars to wear (guess what color) from my birthday a few weeks ago. I watched a good fall film this weekend: Moonlight Mile. It is set on the North Shore of Massachusetts, though, and it makes me miss my two years there. Despite the fact that no one seems to have noticed the film when it came out almost exactly two years ago, it's really excellent. The music is well-chosen and well-placed in the film, too. If you are bored, it's worth a rent. It's not as sad as it sounds. I am reviewing a few papers for our department's upcoming philosophy conference. I have a lot of free time for the time being, so I felt like I ought to help out. We manage to get some "big names" to commit as key-note speakers. We had the secretary of SPEP last year, and we have Boston College's own philosopher of "otherness" this year (with whom I once had a course). With SIU's...unfortunate geographical location, we are lucky to get anyone to come all of the way out here for speaking engagements. No posting, now rambling. Things will look up, promise.


vanillasky said...

I like the tree photo. On the way home from work tonight I noticed a tree that had almost lost all of its leaves. It's definitely Autumn!

Pragmatik said...

All of them already? That's so sad! It's too early for skeletal trees!