September 15, 2004


Hemingway makes my life seem boring. I don't really still have my base urge to go shoot something and eat it, no, not anymore. I haven't read any Hemingway in a month, and I picked up The Sun Also Rises last night (a birthday gift from a friend who knows me very well). Graduate school is dull, sometimes. Damn. Oh, well. Today is my "long day" -- seminars from 9:30-4:30. Most people work longer everyday, right? I have a pretty good situation, I suppose.


Paige said...

Sun Also Rises is a FANTASTIC book... like so inspiring, makes me want to flee to France and spend my days writing and drinking absenthe.

Pragmatik said...

Me, too. A MOVEABLE FEAST was worse for making me want to flee for
Paris. I pulled out some pencils, a little pencil sharpener and a
Moleskine notebook, and I was ready to leave for the city of lights. Too bad I
can't speak French and that I signed a contract for my damned