June 09, 2004

Yes, I am an Eagle Scout; what are you gonna do about it?

In other news, my father and I just went to the Scout Shop and bought the new Boy Scout Field Book. It's very nice, and the new covers are excellent. I've been looking forward to getting it since Christmas time. I also saw a kid who was in our troop way back when (he's an Eagle Scout and in college now), and he has a new Silver Mazda3, too. Funny. Too bad the side or ours is messed up on the side-skirt. It seriously looks like that raccoon I almost killed last week went at the car after I stopped and missed him. Really. I tried to fix it with official Mazda touch-up paint, but with no real success. I will let the professions handle it when I get home to Illinois. Unless they want to charge too much, in which case I'll have to live with it.

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Anonymous said...

What am I going to do about it? Smile at the thought that I'm not the only one that remains proud of being an Eagle Scout no less than fourteen years after my Court of Honor. Looking back on those fourteen years, I learned more about life and myself trying to be an Eagle Scout - and trying to live like a Scout - than I did studying law, my chosen profession.

TPB, Esq.
tpb3jd at att.net