June 21, 2004

The new car at Cape.

Our new Mazda3 in Cape Girardeau, Missouri this past weekend. I promised some photos of the car, and this is the first.


Shawn said...

Nice car. It's nice to see how sexy the new Mazdas have become.

I've always been really fond of hatchbacks myself. They're like urban pickups really. It's a simple design but full of utility.

Pragmatik said...

Thanks! And it's a mad-house on wheels on open country roads.

Zoom-zoom for real: I beat some frat boys in their Daddy's V6 Toyota Corolla last week. I'm not really a racer at all; don't get me wrong. But they were very determined to have at the 3, so I went ahead.

I thought that little match was funny. That car was so Daddy-fied that it had gold badges and trim, which contrasted sharply with the teen angst music coming from the open windows.

Not that there's anything wrong with parental cars. My father has quite a history with racing, and I'd be lying if I said I was never in a car with him when he beat some teenies, too.