June 13, 2004

Returning to Illinois.

Again with the delayed posting. We're leaving Baltimore at dawn on Sunday morning. It's very weird to have left Illinois with one car and to then return with another. On the bright side, the speed limit in the mountains in West Virginia is pretty high, and I'm dying to open up the new Mazda3. The car is packed from the 5th door/hatch all of the way to the front seats. The back seats are down, and there is just so much room in that car. It's going to be a nice trip. There is a lot to do Monday. My wife starts her class, and I have boxes and boxes of books waiting for me at the post office -- for my summer study. And our bathroom was already disgracefully dirty when we left. That will be fun. Geez, listen to me whine. Talk at ya'll later from the Heartland.

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