June 26, 2004

Poe Tay Toes (in Sam's voice).

Carbondale Farmer's Market. We got up early enough today to go to the farmers' market on the west edge of town in Carbondale. I've never actually bought fresh veggies from a table that is six feet off of the back of a pick-up truck before. The farmers actually park behind their tables, which are placed along a sort of corridor of greens, reds, yellows and persons. The table pictured is one that we came back to three times: once for new potatoes, once for green beans, and once for green peppers. The peppers still had the dirt from being harvested. We also bought three tiny (softball-sized) heads of cabbage and some corn that you selected from a heap in the back of a red truck. We followed this all up with a trip to the orchard down the street from our apartment, where we bought some tiny onions, a quart of fragrant peaches, and a sizeable watermelon. Buying veggies from fine folks who still have some dirt under their fingernails certainly makes one appreciate the toil that goes into growing these treats, at least a little. Everything we bought today will taste extra good knowing where it came from. And the distance from where it came from to its consumption gets shortened. I wonder if that makes me closer to the dirt, the sun and the rain? [That sounds hoaky, no? Oh, well.]

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