July 16, 2005


Back in the fall, an old family friend passed away. She was an independent woman, especially considered where and when she lived. I really wish that I had gotten to know her more while she was alive; I've had dreams about that several times since her passing. The truth is that I didn't even know her well enough to know that she was a philosopher! A trip to her house to document her possessions, via digital camera, for some legal purposes that I don't understand (I just shot the photos) in November is worth its own post, to be sure. But tonight I just want to post this scan from the vintage portable Olympia typewriter that I have inherited from her. I think she would have liked blogging. We know that she learned to use the internet and used computers at her local library, despite writing her book on her manual typewriter. So this is M.T.'s introduction to the blogging community.

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vanillasky said...

This sounds like the start of a fascinating story. Please tell us more.