July 24, 2005

Here comes Chris.

My friend Chris is coming to visit us this week, to arrive tomorrow. We had some short adventures last summer when he came out to visit. We'll get to have some longer ones this time, with more photos, including Chris on his stunt bike. Chris is coming tomorrow from his father's home around Charleston, West Virginia. I definitely envy that he gets to have a nice drive through the mountains tomorrow, through Northern Kentucky, Southern Indiana and Southern Illinois, while I have to study and read all day. However, with the "heat advisory" that we have going on (heat indexes to be 110-115 degrees), I'm not really that sad that I have to stay in the air conditioning all day. I'm not even going to my office; my bamboo will have to live on what water is in it. My citronella candle on the balconly/deck melted today, sans flame of any kind. That's not nice weather. My other blogging project is going surprisingly well. I even took the domain/host plunge with it today. Thanks are due to the person who's been so helpful and supportive. With Chris visiting and my up-coming prelims, these are going to be some extremely busy weeks. But I promise to do my best to post no less here, even if posts just get kinda "What's Johnny up to today?". I've been blogging more and enjoying blogging more lately, and that's always a good experience to have. And I sure don't want to lose it anytime soon.


Pragmatik said...

Forgot to mention: that's me in the hemp suit in the first photo:)

Stasyna said...

I still love those sandals, man.

Pragmatik said...

Thank you:)