July 14, 2005


After a much-needed thunderstorm on the 4th of July last week, there was a giant rainbow over our part of Southern Illinois. I watched it for a good five or ten minutes myself. If not for some of my redneck neighbors setting off an hour and a half of their own wannabe fireworks, I never would have looked out the window and noticed the rainbow. Thanks, Cletus.


Stasyna said...

wow, you're practicly underneath it!

I've seen a few rainbows, but nothing quite like that.

Pragmatik said...

I've seen a few, but only one other time could I see both ends and the whole arch at once. Too bad I couldn't get further away to get some photos of the whole thing:)

Alcarwen said...

definitely cool photo... i've found that the rainbows out here tend to look much cooler than the ones at home in md... could be the lack of hills maybe?

awesome photo though:)

Pragmatik said...

Thanks, Alcarwen!

It's pretty hilly around Carbondale and south -- something about the glaciers not sliding this far down in the state, etc. (I'm a total science idiot, so don't take it from me, lol.)

Maybe the lack of air pollution;)

I still miss Maryland, though, no matter how stinky:^P