July 26, 2005

Too hot to bike, Chris.

It's so hot that, as I've said probably a thousand times today, I'm waiting for birds to catch on fire. If you have been watching the news, then you know that the weather story of the moment is the heat in the Heartland. Rather, was. Now it's the big storms that the Ohio Valley is going to get tonight and tomorrow. I'm glad. Damned glad. Some nice water to put out this inferno, and if a tree falls on my little car, so be it. There are two (and a half) freezing-cold bottles of vodka, a new pound of Guatemala Antigua (that's coffee, not weed, lol), lots of food and books and DVDs and such. Being stuck here from some storms is Okay. I really want it to cool down so that we can go hiking. That will be swell. You know you want to see photos of Giant City State Park this week. You know it. Join me in a rain dance. Seven tonight (Central US time), outside, wherever you can go. I'll be there, as naked as is legal, praying to the sky for some respite from the heat. Unless it's already raining, in which case, go dance in the rain, and take some photos. Then send them to me so that I can put them on this blog. That will be nice. Muddy hippies. Cool. Come on. I'll post photos of myself wading in the mud, too. Promise. [No, that's not me on the bike. As if you can't tell. I'm too wussy for that. Far too wussy.]


Neighbor Girl said...

Thank God I checked in on your blog at work, I made the rain dance just in time tonight. I wasn't naked but my olive green bikini and black galoshes with electric pink polka dots made quite a statement with my girly pink raincoat! Sadly, I'm not kidding. :)

Neighbor Girl said...

Oh fuckity fuck fuck, I'm a day late, but we didn't have rain in crabtown yesterday.

Pragmatik said...

Someone must have been dancing!

We finally got some rain and respite in Southern Illinois.

I had too much vodka last night to remember to do my dancing, though, lol.

Sal said...

leather jacket!

does he know how the hospitals have to get gravel rash out of skin? stiff brushes. and it takes too long for them to be able to safely use strong anaesthetic.

no matter HOW hot it is, at least have a STRONG jacket's sleeves over your arms (no rubbish like dainese)

i know whereof i speak!