June 17, 2005

Photo Friday: Sport.

For Photo Friday: Sport. If you've been reading this blog for more than, say, a week, then you know that sports are not exactly my cup of tea. I got a concussion once playing football, four sprained fingers playing football. I played seven seasons of soccer, and I used to play baseball daily, not to mention shooting and archery in Boy Scouts. Once I hit college-age, drunken frisby was my Friday sport. This summer, my sport of choice is studying for my preliminary doctoral examinations (or whatever the hell the full name for them is). The injuries will only be moral or intellectual onces. I mean, I have to read Kant (again), and I think it's more than a little impossible to entirely escape injury reading Kant's ethics. But that's just me. Hume, in all of his sexiness, however, I'm looking forward to. (Mega thanks, Mr. H. for access to "the notes.")

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